Cyber-Security. Compliance. Customer Service. Pricing. Four things we do better than all others.

Protection. Guaranteed.

We’re so confident in our ability to protect your business from cyber-security threats, we guarantee it with $1,000,000.


48 Tech focuses on providing businesses with solutions that meet HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, PCI, GDPR and more.

Customer Service

48 Tech starts with the customer experience and works backwards to the Technology, not the other way around.


In today’s market, many businesses have to shop on price, and we’re OK with that.  You’ll find our pricing more than competitive.

48 Technologies:  What do we do exactly? 

Managed IT Services
Managed Cyber-Security Services
Virtual CIO Services/IT Consulting
Cloud Services
Business Continuity/Data Backup

48 Technologies provides Managed IT Services and Managed Cyber-Security Services to small and medium sized companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The technical responsibilities of your organization are offloaded to the experts of 48 Tech, where we provide and manage your entire IT operations, including 24X7 proactive monitoring, onsite and remote support and problem resolution. Strategic IT planning and decisions are formulated by 48 Technologies proactively and are communicated and implemented once fully approved. All of this is done at a true, flat monthly rate, so you can budget for your IT expense, and more importantly get back to spending time at what you do best…running your business.

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Tickets Resolved


Malware Blocked


Endpoints Protected

Our Solutions

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services


Managed Cyber-Security Services

Managed Cyber-Security Services

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Backup / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity


  • What services does 48 Tech provide?

    48 Technologies provides enterprise grade Managed IT Services, Managed Cyber-Security Services, Hybrid and Full Cloud Services, vCIO Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, and Hardware as Service.

  • Does 48 Tech really offer a Cyber-Security Guarantee?

    Yes, we really offer a Cyber Security Guarantee. With our Managed Cyber Security program, we will guarantee you against Ransomware attacks up to $1,000,000 per business. Contact us now to learn more.

  • Do we have to buy all new hardware?

    Absolutely not.  48 Technologies is one of the very few IT service providers that won’t make you purchase new hardware to “meet our minimum standards” as others like to put it.

  • Is 48 Tech's pricing really flat rate?

    Yes, our pricing is truly flat rate.  We don’t charge for office visits, after hours or weekend work, side projects, etc.  The only time you will incur extra charges is for new hardware purchased.

Is your workplace technology keeping pace with change?

For companies large and small, the top IT priorities for the next 12 months are to reduce costs, improve endpoint security and invest in technologies that support employee productivity. Contact us today and get started on the best path to a more streamlined, proficient running businesses.


First Step

Contact 48 Tech for an absolutely free, no obligation IT assessment.


Second Step

We will never force you to change anything or purchase new equipment, but will give you honest, expert opinions on what could be improved and how to implement better solutions.


Third Step

Realized what your business can do with less technical issues, more productive employees, and IT system that scale as you grow.


48 Tech specializes in supporting businesses that have high IT security and regulatory compliance concerns. Four vertical’s make up over 80% of our clients.  Financials, Insurance, Legal, and Healthcare (including Dentistry). We specialize in these four verticals for a reason…because we understand what our clients do; we know their business and we are experts in the technology that is needed to provide them with the very best in Managed IT Services.  Its that simple.







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$1,000,000 Cyber-Security Guarantee

48 Technologies offers an unparalleled Cyber-Security Guarantee of up to $1,000,000 against a Ransomware attack on your network. Need more info? Read on or test drive.