What goes Down, must come Up…Quickly

Data Backup
Is your Financial Business “Highly Available” ?

Cause of Data Loss

Plan to fail
Businesses with a disaster recovery plan report increase savings, enhanced system reliability, improved security, and reduced insurance premiums… Even without a disaster.

Fail to plan
Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster.

IT disasters are costly
The cost of data breaches and data loss will top $2.1 trillion by 2019 as more data is digitized. Most these data breaches will come from existing network infrastructure and IT systems.

Human mistakes
80% of down time instances impact mission critical applications/business data and the majority are caused by human error.

Disasters affect everything
Data outages cost on average $851 per minute and can cause forfeited sales, lost data, damaged equipment, disrupted processes, legal or compliance liabilities, damage client relationships/reputations, and wasted resources controlling the damage.

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