What can 48 Tech’s Managed IT Services do for your business?

With our Remote Monitoring and Management of your workstations, servers, networks, and printers, you can rest assured your IT network is always running healthy and secure. Most of our IT support and maintenance tasks are performed remotely, non-intrusively and effectively without interrupting your workflow. Chances are we will know you have a problem and fix it before it costs you down time to your business.

Antivirus Services – 48 Tech’s effective management and detection of continually involving threats and malicious software attacks including protection from ransomeware, spyware, spam and phishing scams to ensure your IT network is secure. Our anti-virus services include comprehensive monitoring and deployment of anti-virus definitions and updates so you know your system is always protected.

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Software Updates/Patch Management – Keeping your software up-to-date is essential in staying complaint with government regulators and protecting your network from hackers and malware.  Behind the scenes we are always working to identify, test and update of all software patches and hot-fixes to all your network attached computers and devices, giving you the peace of mind that your security is up-to-date and your system will continue running at optimal performance.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services – Comprehensive protection of operating systems, applications, configurations, settings and data for Windows and Linux servers, workstations, and laptops and virtual environments to show your data is protected and recoverable. Our management platform also enables us to accurately monitor backup status in real time, as well as perform on demand action such as disabling, enabling, creating, editing, deleting, starting or canceling backup jobs. Data recovery is available from physical machine Furniture machine and the cloud

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IT Asset Management – Identification, tracking, auditing and management of all workstations, service, printers, routers, and mobile devices from accusation to disposal to ensure your IT assets are in compliance with all licenses, have the proper configurations, and can be tracked and located if audited. IT Asset Management also enables you to more accurately plan and budget for future IT purchases.

Technical Support Services – Your employees will receive fast, secure, remote technical support. Our built-in help desk ticketing system and on-demand tunnel vision streamlines technician response time for quick and efficient resolution of all employee support issues.

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